Personal Payday is a member of one of the largest banks in the world – BNP Paribas . In 2016, it became a branch of a foreign bank in the Slovak Republic. It is the European unit in the number of consumer loans granted. In Slovakia it provided more than 1.7 mil. loans. Bank Personal Payday specializes in: hire purchase , auto loan , express loans , renovation and housing , credit repayment (consolidation) and credit cards .

Personal Payday offers:

Personal Payday offers:

Ička Loan for anything – free of charge, up to € 50,000 , with a maturity of 96 months

Auto Car loan – for used and new vehicles, free of charge, up to € 50,000 , with repayment period of 84 months

Ička Express loan – free of charge, up to € 2,000 , with a repayment period of 48 months

◽ Loan for renovation and housing – up to 50 thousand euros , with repayment up to 96 months

Loan Terms :

1. age 18-65
2. Slovak citizenship
3. regular income

What documents do you need :

What documents do you need :

4. copy of ID card
5. account statement for the last 2 months
6. proof of income

Credit Insurance:

The bank offers more types of insurance of your choice:

Basic file – in case of incapacity for work, permanent disability and death.

Standard file – for hospitalization, death, incapacity for work, full and permanent disability for both debtor and co-debtor.

A comprehensive set – in case of incapacity for work, full and permanent disability, hospitalization and job loss.

You can also choose to take out insurance of expenses, which will help your budget and provide additional income in the following adverse situations: death, permanent disability, incapacity or loss of employment.

Advantages of Internet Loans

Advantages of Internet Loans

✅ arrange the loan online without unnecessary branch visits
✅ set the loan amount and maturity period yourself
Žiadosti quick assessment of the application within a few minutes
✅ fixed interest during the repayment period
✅ no equipment charges